Hey everyone thanks for being patient while I have been learning more about blogging. Hope everyone is doing well. 

What is your new years resolution?

Mine is to eat healthier and be more fit and so far is going pretty well. This is the start of week 2. My workout consist of walking 20 minutes on the treadmill and then I use the app on my phone called 8fit, to do exercises and then I end it with yoga that is in the 8fit app. I love this app and recommend it, it works with my schedule and yoga section is amazing!!! I have never felt more relax after working out. It also helped with anxiety and stress. I need you to help me stay on track and I will give updates along the way. I am excited to start a new year and a new me!

I do want to hear about what your resolution(s) and plans are for 2018!

3D Snowflake!

So I love Christmas not because you get gifts but because of the meaning! It’s such a beautiful time of year. Anyone who knows me knows I love to craft especially Christmas crafts and I love to give gifts. Just the feeling of giving and seeing others faces warms my heart! I do wish it could be like this all the time. Giving to others and families getting together is what makes it special. I have a big family and I try to see them all on the holidays but sometimes I can’t and I feel bad.

On another note, I will be showing you how to make a big paper 3D snowflake! I makes these every year and love them. They are cheap and easy to make!

First you need 6 pieces of paper. I normally use white printer paper but any paper will work, scissors, clear tape and a stapler. A glue gun usually works really well with this craft as well.


Next Fold each piece of paper in half diagonally and cut off any extra. Then fold it in half diagonally again. All 6 pieces of paper should now be in a triangle.


Take your scissors and cut 3 slits starting from side B, cut them almost all the way to side A.

Now unfold the triangle and make sure one of the points of the square is facing you (so the paper looks like a diamond)

Roll the first 2 inner paper lines together to form a tube. Then tape or glue them together.

Turn over your paper to the other side and tape/glue the next 2 paper lines together

Keep turning your paper and tape/gluing all the paper lines together.

Once you have all 6 pieces finished, take 3 pieces at one end and staple/glue them together and do the same for the other 3 pieces.

Now staple/glue the 2 big pieces of 3 together.

Start stapling/gluing where each of the pieces meet, this will ensure that the snowflake shape is pulled into place

Your done!!! Hang them and enjoy!!!


Leaf Bowl DIY

Hey guys, I love this easy and cute leaf bowl! It will look great at part of your Thanksgiving center piece or just a fall decoration around your home!

Supply Links:


– Cover the bowl with plastic wrap and paint Mod Podge onto a leaf, then press leaf onto bowl.  Repeat with the rest of the leaves, overlapping the leaves as you go.  As you layer and press the leaves onto each other, some Mod Podge will squeeze out.  Take your brush and smooth the extra over the outside of the leaves.  Continue until the base is covered and half the sides are covered with leaves.

– To keep the leaves in place while the Mod Podge set, cover the wet leaves with more plastic wrap. Pressed on the plastic wrap to smooth out the leaves and help them stick together.  Then place the covered leaves in the sun for 4 hours, then carefully remove the outer layer of plastic wrap and let the leaves dry completely.

– Once the leaves were completely dry, sprayed them with an application of Krylon Triple Thick Glaze.  Mod Podge tends to be a little tacky when it dries, so the glaze helps cover up the stickiness.  Also, the leaves are still very pliable, and the glaze will help them become a little firmer and help the leaves adhere better.

– When the glaze is dry, carefully take the leaves and plastic wrap off the bowl.  Carefully peel back the plastic wrap from the inside of the leaf bowl.

Hope you enjoy this craft!

Day of my wedding!

The night before my wedding I stayed at my parents and I wake up at 6am to a very sweet text message from my soon to be husband! I got dress and went to go get my hair done and it was so much fun, of course I was the only client there and I got to eat bananas and drink champagne!!! Once my hair was done I realized that I was running an hour behind, so like any bride I started to panic. My mom and I rushed back so I could get my makeup on and get into my wedding dress. Once I was ready my dad took me to the spot where I was meeting Cory, we took first look pictures. Looking back I am so glad we chose to take those pictures. When we got to our spot it was raining I was so upset all I could think of was everything is going to get ruined, but when we turned around and saw each other nothing else in the world mattered! We both started crying and were both so happy.
 We got to our reception hall before the ceremony and was able to relax a bit as the family started to arrive before the pictures. All of the pictures were suppose to be taken at a park near by but since it was raining that was out of the questions. My parents and other family worked very hard to create an amazing back drop for the ceremony and pictures, I love it! Before I walked down the isle I started to cry again lol and funny thing I did not just have tears running down my face, no I was ugly crying hard lol I was so embarrassed! When I got to the alter poor Cory was crying and he was so nervous and that is not like him. Normally im the nervous one but its like we switched, I was so happy and feeling goofy! I tried so hard so get him to smile and after trying a few times i finally whispered “boobies” lmao. Needless to say I got the biggest smile out of Cory and I think I whisper louder than I thought because a couple groomsman heard me haha. This picture is actually when I said it. 

After the ceremony we got in our car and drove around with the wedding party with cans tied to the back of the car. We went into the reception and danced and had such an amazing time, it was the best night of my life! My dress was so big and heavy that by the end of the night my hips and back hurt, but I didnt care because I finally married the man of my life and my best friend! I hated that the day went by so fast and I wish I could go back and live that night again! We have been married for 2 years now and it has been so much fun and by that I know I chose my one and only!


I was so excited to be going to the Country of Panama. I had heard so many fun stories from my family that’s has traveled there and the family that lives there. Yes I have family who lives in Panama, my mother’s father was from there. He came to SIU for college and met my grandmother and they married and had 4 children. They all lived there until he passed away when my mother was 8 years old in a horrible car accident.

I was 21 years old a good age to go and be able to experience adult fun haha! We had to take 3 different planes to get there, luckily the first plane ride was the day before we got there so it didn’t seem like too much. After a long day we arrived in the afternoon and we had some of the family there waiting to pick us up. To fit us all we had 3 vehicles there lol. One of my cousins told me I had to ride with him and once he and I got baggage loaded and into the car, before we left he reached in the back seat and headed me a beer!! I was thinking oh my is this legal here how much trouble am I really going to get into. I cracked it open and enjoyed the ride, it was definitely a great way to be welcomed in to a different country!!

That first night there was so overwhelming, all the family wanting to see us and spend time together but it was so much fun!!! We went out to eat the first night and that is when I wanted to be home. A different country where half of the population didn’t speak English. Most could speak enough or good English for me to understand. Once I got over my fear of being there it was one of the best trips I have ever taken and I definitely plan to go back. We spent two weeks there and I feel like you have to plan to visit that long because there is so much to see and do. We walked down town City of Panama and the buildings were so beautiful and unique! Here are a few pictures of the buildings and a few other things we saw


All hand made jewelry, so beautiful!

Snow cones!!! So cool to watch!

Not a real chicken…. when I first saw this I thought it was haha!

This was just an amazing trip and even though I was scared to be there the first night I got over my fear and realized that everything is ok and it was so awesome! I will post more about my trip and of course lots more photos!